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Redemption Pre-Prohibition Whiskey Revival Barrel Selections Lawrenceburg, Indiana
Redemption Whiskey is distilled in the small river town of Lawrenceburg, Indiana, at a 168-year-old distillery. The project is informed by the idea of recreating whiskies that were popular before Prohibition, a time when rye-based spirits were ascendant. Consequently everything made here emphasizes rye as an important part of the mashbill, including the regular bourbon which is 21% rye. These whiskies are robust, bold and spicy (all characteristics associated with rye), and they perform well in cocktails where they hold their own in combination with the various bitters and cordials so frequently employed by creative bartenders. They are also well-priced, which is certainly an advantage in today’s overheated and frequently over-priced craft distillery category.

Choose from three different whiskies now available from this innovative producer.

Redemption Bourbon 42% ABV
Smooth, balanced and slightly spicy
Redemption High Rye Bourbon 46% ABV
With 36% rye, this is robust but also complex and balanced
Redemption Rye 46% ABV
At a whopping 95% rye, this must be the highest rye content whiskey on the market but it is well-made and offers newcomers to the category an opportunity to taste a genuine product. Chris Carlsson at Spirits Review writes that “if you want to make a faithful recreation of bygone cocktails, especially those hailing from Prohibition and before, this one fits the bill nicely…there is a spicy sourness with an underlying sweetness that makes for a nice overall rye.”
All selections–$25.99 750 ml