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Featured Liquor

Featured Liquor Knob CreekUnrivalled!

ABC Package Barrel Selection Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Single Barrel Reserve 120 Proof

$39.99 750 ml

(Distilled at Knob Creek and Bottled Exclusively for ABC Package)

This ABC feature liquor is a specially selected, cask-proof Bourbon, bottled from a single barrel of 9 year-old whiskey at the Knob Creek distillery in Clermont, Kentucky. Late in 2016 we tasted a number of barrel samples and eventually concluded that this one had the right combination of characteristics most important in good Bourbon, including complex aromatics, excellent balance, and a smooth, polished finish. Walnut, caramel and vanilla tones on the nose are followed by a robust yet harmonious palate, with a complete range of flavors that runs the gamut from sweet, toasty, vanilla-laced oak notes to high-toned citrus and dried fruit. The finish is surprisingly gentle for a high proof whiskey and the buttery caramel and light smoke flavors persist. We hope you enjoy this very special, limited edition spirit, chosen with care and available only at ABC Package.