Irish Whiskey

Key regulations defining Irish whiskey and its production were established by the Irish Whiskey Act of 1980, and are relatively straightforward (especially in comparison to Scotch whisky regulations). They can be summarized as follows:

  • Irish whiskey must be distilled and aged in the island of Ireland.
  • The contained spirits must be distilled to an alcohol by volume level of less than 94.8% from a yeast-fermented mash of cereal grains in such a way that the distillate has an aroma and flavour derived from the materials used.
  • The product must be aged for at least three years in wooden casks.
  • If the spirits comprise a blend of two or more such distillates, the product is referred to as a “blended” Irish whiskey.

We Recommend:

Tullamore Dew Blended

Triple distilled, blended whiskey from barley in pot stills andaged in charred oak. A relatively mild whiskey that opens with lemon and malt notes with slight charred wood notes. The palate is well-rounded and buttery with sweet spices, warms malts and, again, hints of wood. Its finish is super smooth and the complexity lingers. A Best Buy.

Bushmills 10Yr Single Malt

This single malt is an elegant, sophisticated entry in the Irish class. Baked pears, green apples, salty caramels and vanilla fudge notes all make appearances on the fruity palate. Its finish is light and sweet, reminiscent of pound cake or vanilla wafers, leaving an almost dessert-like end to this whiskey.

Jameson 18 Yr

This is a big whiskey that highlights just how great an aged blend can get. Mouthcoating flavors of caramel, molasses cookies, vanilla, oak, apple pie spice and umami notes make for a particularly complex taste. The finish is quite long, with alluring hints of dried fruits and freshly roasted hazelnuts to go along with the oak.

Redbreast 12 Yr Pot Still

A lovely single pot style whiskey, three times distilled. Rich, oily and undeniably one of the greatest Irish whiskies on the market. Red apple, pear and wonderful grain notes make this a delicious way to finish off the day paired alongside a sweet fruit pie.