ABC Wine Club


The ABC Wine Club has always been an excellent opportunity to explore the world of wine. Now you can choose one of two new club levels and receive outstanding, handpicked wines as well as other discounts and special notices throughout the store.

Premier Series: 3 bottles of wine for $35.99 per month

Includes three bottles of wine, two red and one white, with descriptions and tasting notes

Signature Series: 4 bottles of wine for $55.99 per month

Includes the three bottles from the Premier Series along with a specially selected, higher tier wine

All members will also receive the following discounts:

15% off all 750 ml cases of wine (12 bottles or more)

10% off all 1.5 liter cases of wine (6 bottles or more)

15% off the Mix Your Own Six Pack of Beer (10% for non-club members)

10% off bottles of liquor (750 ml and 1 liter)

5% off bottles of liquor 1.75 liter

 We’re excited about this new opportunity for our customers to experience great wines at bargain prices and save money on dozens of other products as well. We hope you’ll agree, and we look forward to welcoming you as a new member soon. If you’re already a club member, you can remain at your current subscription level until it expires and then resign at one of the two new levels, or you can upgrade immediately. In either case, you may start enjoying the member discounts outlined above right away.

For more details please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Wine Club Selections

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