Exploring Excellence: Selections from the Kermit Lynch Portfolio
Wine Tasting at George’s Low Country Table
269 E. Broad St. Athens
Wednesday, June 21st
6:30 pm

Kermit Lynch is undoubtedly one of the most important figures in the American wine industry of the last three decades. He began importing wine in the 1980’s, scouting the French countryside for wines that he felt reflected a true sense of the place where they had been grown. He was captivated by the French idea of terroir—a combination of soil and microclimate unique to a given area which, through the agency of grape varieties particularly suited to that area, has a distinct influence on the flavor profile of the wines grown there. Often described as authentic, these wines exhibit characteristics that can only be achieved through that particular combination of grape variety and terroir. The very best of them are inimitable and well worth seeking out, and Kermit Lynch has built his career on the basis of exceptional skill in finding such wines time and again and then bringing them to the American market. Along the way he has widened his scope, and the portfolio now includes exciting selections from Italy as well as France.

Join us and our friends at George’s Low Country Table as we sample five new arrivals from Kermit Lynch, a range of whites and reds that are sure to impress with their charm, flavor and authentic character. Reggie and his staff will prepare a small plate to accompany four of the selections, providing just the right backdrop for maximum enjoyment of the wines. Make reservations early as space is limited. See you there!

$35 per person (all inclusive)
Call 706.548.3359 for reservations