Fundraiser for Steve Yocum

This feature concerns our friend and former colleague Steve Yocum, who came to work at ABC in 2013 and would certainly be here still but for a tragic accident he experienced earlier this year. On March 14th he fell from a ladder while working on an arbor at his house here in Athens, which resulted in severe injuries permanently damaging his neck, respiratory system, back and lower extremities. Since his fall Steve has not been able to go home.
During the three and half years he worked with us, we all came to respect and admire Steve.Apart from his years of experience in the wine business, itself an invaluable asset, Steve’s warm, engaging manner, quick sense of humor and natural good will all combined to make the best possible impression on us, and we know many of you share that opinion because there isn’t a week that goes by without someone asking after his health.
Right now Steve and his family are working very hard towards his recovery. Unfortunately a big part of the battle is the struggle to meet the crushing financial demands of this medical crisis. They certainly have their work cut out for them, but all of us can help. Steve’s sister-in-law, Lucy Bell, has set up a GoFundMe website and we are including the link to that site here in our newsletter. It will also be posted to the ABC Package website, so any one who would like to contribute to Steve’s recovery effort may do so simply by following the link and making a donation. It’s very easy and every dollar raised is sincerely appreciated.

We all wish the best possible outcome for Steve; let’s try to make a difference for him and his family.

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