Power & Grace—Exploring the Attraction of Pinot Noir

Power & Grace—Exploring the Attraction of Pinot Noir

Winetasting @ George’s Low Country Table

Wednesday, September 25th

6 to 7:30 pm

2095 S. Milledge Avenue

Although for centuries considered one of the noble varieties, Pinot Noir has enjoyed unprecedented popularity over the course of the last decade. Sales have increased dramatically, and more and more regions around the world are getting into the game, including Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, and even Canada. Burgundy, France, the ancestral homeland of Pinot Noir and still the source of what many wine lovers consider the most profound examples, is in the midst of a new dynamism as interest in Pinot continues to soar. Oregon and California, the first real rivals of Burgundy in terms of Pinot production, have gone from strength to strength and are now crafting some of the most sought-after wines in the market. One reason for this new appreciation for Pinot is its flavor profile, which, combining pronounced fragrance with accessible fruit and supple texture, seems tailor made for contemporary palates. Given the level of enthusiasm for this grape variety, we think it’s fitting to devote an entire tasting to exploring a range of offerings from around the world. We’ll pour six wines, and our hosts at George’s Low Country Table will prepare an array of light appetizers to accompany the selections. As always we ask that you call the restaurant at least two days in advance of the event to make your reservations. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

$15 per person

For reservations

Call 706.548.3359

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